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Rebirth/ Rinascimento/ Renaissance

Study for the Head of Leda (c. 1505 - 1507), by Leonardo da Vinci. Public Domain.
Study for the Head of Leda (c. 1505 – 1507), by Leonardo da Vinci. Public Domain.

My father and my tutors keep telling me how fortunate I am to live here, where we speak the Italian tongue, and now, after our philosophers, writers, artists, and so many others have progressed beyond the ways of the past. They say we’re living in a time of rebirth (rinascimento).

I first heard about rebirth in church, when the priest read a Bible story about a man named Nicodemus, who asked Jesus how he could be born again. Jesus replied that if Nicodemus wanted to see God’s kingdom, he must be born again by God’s Spirit. I had to ask my parents what that meant–what a wonderful mystery!

So thankfully, God’s gift of spiritual rebirth has been available for centuries to anyone who believes.

But this new idea of rebirth is different. I asked my father and my tutors what rinascimento means, practically speaking. How is my life different than if I’d been born before this movement began?

My tutors admit that for people without an education, not too much has changed, but a revival of learning has transformed the world of ideas and arts since Petrarch began to write poetry in the common tongue (instead of Latin) back in the 1300s. Scholars began to translate works by the ancient Greeks and Romans, and a new interest in human achievements (not only religion) has flourished ever since.

Paintings now show real people in true-to-life settings (sometimes from Greek mythology, as well as Bible stories). Artists portray their subjects’ emotions.

My father tells me that, like the great Leonardo da Vinci, scientists conduct experiments and physicians study anatomy. If ancient theories and treatments are proven ineffective, they’re discarded.

My tutors tell me they teach different subjects than earlier generations of students would have learned—but that’s too much to talk about now. I’ll write more about my studies next time.